Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre (BOMPHYSIO) is a large multidisciplinary health institution offering a wide variety of health services including rehabilitation, neurology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, obstetrics and gynaecology, sports injuries treatment and management, fitness, massage sessions and many more

With exceptional professionalism, BOMPHYSIO redefines the standards for the practice of physical therapy and wellness management. We pride ourselves in catering for every client’s needs in a serene and confidential environment. And with excellence as our watch word, our clients can be assured of a bounce back from pains, strains, accident complications and life style related diseases and injuries
Our passion streams from the knowledge that the results of physiotherapy are immediate provided that the right diagnosis is made.

Our Vision

Rebranding Physical Therapy in our contemporary society.

Our Mission

Providing ideal Physiotherapy and Wellness Services to all.


Our Strength

BOMPHYSIO has a multidisciplinary staff from across Nigeria, who are highly qualified, skilled, intelligent and caring. They compromise of physiotherapists, medical doctors, nutritionist, physical fitness experts, masseurs and administrators.
We have state of art equipment within a serene and calm environment which is available for use to all clients as needed.
We only dream to put more smiles n faces of people and help them become all they dream to be.

Our Promise of Confidentiality

With clients coming from within and outside Nigeria, and with varying backgrounds and professions, BOMPHYSIO makes it a priority to protect our clients’ confidentiality.
From the design of our office premises to our brilliant client information management system, our clients are assured of strict protection of personal information

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our corporate social responsibility, Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre undertakes the care of some of the most vulnerable members of our society, offering our full service at no charges.

We also regularly partake in organized charity programs benefiting the less privileged