Capacity Development


At Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, we redefine capacity building to improve performance through enhanced individual and organizational response to growth and innovation needed to sustain the multifaceted field of health and wellness promotion.

Duly certified by the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria to serve as a training facility for physiotherapy interns, BOMPHYSIO is well positioned as a capacity development institution.

And as part of our efforts to maintain our position as an ideal physiotherapy outfit BOMPHYSIO nurtures staff and organizational capacity improvement through our in-house capacity training sessions. Thus, ensures that every member of our team is constantly up to date on the latest trends and innovations that improve on our service delivery.

Also, with professional advice and training from experts at BOMPHYSIO and partnering institutions, our team of experts brings to the fore leading subjects that affect health, capacity and economic development through organized external capacity training programs, seminars and workshops targeted programs, seminars and workshops targeted at individuals and cooperate establishment.


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