Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is defined as the application of environmental behavioural, medical and emotional principles to the management of lifestyle related health problems in a clinical setting.

Lifestyle diseases also referred to as diseases of longevity and civilization, have become as prevalent and destructive as ever before in our society. Strokes, Diabetes, Renal Failure, Cancer, Heart Diseases, Asthma, Cirrhosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Hypertension etc, have all become a real and near danger. Unfortunately, many of these diseases are firmly rooted in poor lifestyle choices made constantly and without adequate knowledge or regards to the consequences of these choices made every day.

Therefore, in response to the undeniable increase in the effects of these poor lifestyle choices, we at BOMPHYSIO aid our clients through professional and appropriate lifestyle interventions which are proven worldwide to help curb the incidence and damages of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

With past and continuing training in the field of lifestyle medicine, BOMPHYSIO continues to drive for improved wellbeing and better health for all.


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