At Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, ours is a promise of excellent delivery. That is why we provide world-class treatment and health management services that are unique to every client needs

As one of the foremost providers of Physiotherapy and Health Management, our track record speak volumes in support of our many achievements.

Our clients and many leading healthcare professionals from across the country and beyond attest to the professionalism of our staff and the excellence of our services which stands at par with only the best on offer.
Our Services Include




BOMPHYSIO Clinical Services offer excellent clinical management for physiotherapy and wellness. Our clinical services comprise of specialized clinical departments including paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiorespiratory therapy, neurology, orthopaedics and geriatrics. All of our clinical departments, which are staffed by only certified professionals, are well equipped for the treatment of our clients in an idyllic and professional environment.


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To better serve corporate clients, Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre regularly enters into Corporate Retainership Agreements with such clients, thereby guaranteeing seamless access to many of our services.
Written by our team of legal experts, BOMPHYSIO Retainership Agreements are designed with our client’s utmost interest at heart, and as such, is tailor-made specifically to suit each client’s peculiar needs.


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The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the workplace as one of the priority setting for health promotion into 21st Century because it influences physical, mental, economic and social well-being, and offers an ideal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of health of a large audience.

Therefore, with these guidelines in focus, BOMPHYSIO has designed a Workplace Health Promotion program targeted at raising awareness, diagnosing, managing and treating the most prevalent workplace health risk factors and conditions, many of which develop gradually with ignorable manifestations that are often taken for granted.


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At Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre, we redefine capacity building to improve performance through enhanced individual and organizational response to growth and innovation needed to sustain the multifaceted field of health and wellness promotion.


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With our technical capabilities and practical experience, we are known to employ scientific and practical approaches backed by hazard analysis and cost justification for high impact solutions that are suitable for all.


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Lifestyle medicine is defined as the application of environmental behavioural, medical and emotional principles to the management of lifestyle related health problems in a clinical setting

Therefore, in response to the undeniable increase in the effects of these poor lifestyle choices, we at BOMPHYSIO aid our clients through professional and appropriate lifestyle interventions which are proven worldwide to help curb the incidence and damages of lifestyle-related chronic diseases.


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Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre is licensed to issue certificates of physical and mental fitness to individuals, corporate public and private establishment staff, schools etc.
Participants are put through a battery of Physical and Stress Tests, while being monitored with the strictest compliance to ethical and professional Guidelines.


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Body Mechanics Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre has a series of programs designed to promote optimal health for the ultimate enhancement of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental well-being of the individual.
Our programs are specifically targeted at incorporating a conscious awareness and effort into every aspect of wellness for an individual, with particular attention paid to the areas with the most pressing need for change or improvements.


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As a duly certified physiotherapy and wellness centre, BOMPHYSIO features a well-equipped gymnasium with exercise and therapy equipment
Clients at our gymnasium are guided by competent instructors and physiotherapists to ensure maximum benefits peculiar to every patients’ requirements, ensuring only best practices are on offer to avoid fresh injuries, while also managing existing conditions with utmost consideration and professionalism.


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BOMPHYSIO Supervises and coordinates sporting activities for corporate clients and their employees. The centre’s involvement is beneficial to the participants of such activities as the optimal and conservative use of each individual’s body and correct postures are monitored along with the medical supervision of the health of all participants throughout the duration of the programs.


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BOMPHYSIO offers clinical home service, dependent on the severity of the condition of our client and the effects that such severity has on the mobility of the client
Clients with severe cases of stroke and other debilitating conditions which affect mobility patients on hospital admission, as well as geriatric clients are among our target segment who greatly benefit from our Home Services.
With this service, our clients are still assured of the best we have on offer, without any variations or alterations in the quality of treatments they receive.


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