Workplace Health Promotion

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the workplace as one of the priority setting for health promotion into 21st Century because it influences physical, mental, economic and social well-being, and offers an ideal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of health of a large audience.

In addition, the Luxembourg declaration in 1997, provides that health and well-being of employees at work can be achieved through a combination of
a. Improving the organization and the work environment
b. Promoting active participation

Encouraging personal development Therefore, with these guidelines in focus, BOMPHYSIO has designed a Workplace Health Promotion program targeted at raising awareness, diagnosing, managing and treating the most prevalent workplace health risk factors and conditions, many of which develop gradually with ignorable manifestations that are often taken for granted.

Our team of expert physiotherapists, doctors, nutritionists and lifestyle management professionals ensure that workplace health promotion take centre stage and that with strict compliance, workplace related diseases are kept at bay, and that existing conditions are treated and managed, thereby returning every individual to maximum state of health and function.

While it is our hope to prevent workplace related injuries and diseases from developing at all, at some of the most serious and lingering workplace related diseases that we manage and treat include Radiculopathy from Cervical Low back pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Obesity which can be a risk factor of High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, Cancers etc.
The crux of our Workplace Health Promotion program is the prevention of workplace injuries and diseases through fitness and wellness training programs, ergonomics training and structuring, lifestyle modification, nutritional guide, etc.


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